Saturday, June 2, 2012

Short Hiatus

Due to a death in the family I do not expect to be posting for the next few days. That being said, I will continue to be working on some DIY projects to post when I return.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Procrastination... ♥

I love to procrastinate. Every morning I wake up and as I'm getting ready for work I think, "I'm going to do something productive today. I will clean out the spare bedrooms and cook a decent supper for once," and then I come home from work so exhausted that all I want to do is sit on my couch and watch Dr. Phil reruns...

This morning I decided I would post a DIY. I thought if I don't get some decent content on the site then no one will ever want to visit it. Plus I love doing crafts and DIY stuff. I even went out last night and bought some stuff to do a DIY. But as usual, I came home from work and all I wanted to do was take a shower and then lay down and watch TV. So, I haven't done any DIYs, but I haven't watched TV either. I have, however, eaten way too much cereal.

But just to please my lovely readers (if I have any yet... starting a new blog is always so awkward, I feel as though I am talking to myself) I will be spending the next day or two (despite how much I would rather sit on my lazy, fat butt and watch TV) looking through fashion magazines to gather inspiration for a new, completely original DIY. In the mean time, if any of you have a DIY request please comment with a link to a picture or a detailed description of what you are wanting and I will do my best to come up with a DIY version of it!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

What is it with Hair Stylists? - A Very Quick Little Rant

Every single time I think I have found a good hair stylist he/she goes and screws everything up.

Here is how it always goes:

I find a great hair stylist. Everyone recommends this stylist. I go in, tell the stylist what I want, and he/she does it perfectly. I am more than satisfied with the outcome. And then I go back to touch up my highlights... just the roots, and suddenly the stylist is doing what he/she wants! When I see my hair, I always say something along the lines of, "Oh, I just wanted my highlights touched up..." and the excuse is, "That's so not in anymore. Besides, this is just what you asked for. Give it a few days and if you still don't like it call me and we will fix it." So I give it a few days, I still don't like it, I call the stylist and "fixing it" consists of damaging my hair worse, by doing what I asked for in the first place, and me having to pay $90 AGAIN.

Am I the only one with this problem?! It was NOT what I asked for. I think it's a scheme to get more money. You screw my hair up and I have no choice but to go back. I used to go to another stylist afterwards, only to have my hair screwed up even worse by the next one, so now I just go and I pay a second (or sometimes THIRD) time. It is ridiculous and I feel foolish for allowing it to happen but honestly, what other choice do I have?

Once (more than once), I had a solution. I would ask the stylist to color my hair my natural color... to match my roots, so I wouldn't have to go through this process any longer. Naturally I have "dirty blond" hair. It's not dark blond but it definitely isn't light blond. But it seems that every time I request to have my hair colored my natural color it ends up a very very dark brown. My hair looks extremely greasy when it is dark brown. I have a pale complexion and my face turns red very easily (not from embarrassment, but from just getting too hot or too cold or anything really) and the brown only draws more attention to my not-so-perfect skin, my ghostly complexion, and my bright rosy (but definitely not the natural blush everyone wants) patchy cheeks.

So this particular time, I had my hair done last Wednesday. I asked for my natural color even though I had great highlights. The highlights looked so natural and they were my favorite by far, but I was tired of paying to have my hair highlighted all the time. My hair turned out this terrible brassy, redish brown color. I immediately made another appointment. I went back to the salon yesterday and I requested that she put the thick highlights back in my hair, as it was before I had her darken it. I understand that it's difficult to go straight from dark brown to blond, but I look like a zebra. A redish-brown and yellow zebra. I look like one of the spice girls, or Vitamin C during their days of stripy, unnatural-looking highlights. It looks like a terrible mid-nineties hair disaster. And I have another appointment for next Thursday.

On a brighter note, my little brother is graduating high school today! Congratulations little brother!

Enough to Drive a Girl Insane

My first blog post would be about how annoying customizing templates in Blogger is. I used to make websites when I was younger. I made several, actually, but I never used a page builder or anything remotely similar to Blogger. Instead, I did all of my own coding (nope, not even Dreamweaver), and as bad as it sucked, at least I knew what to expect when I looked at my website. But tonight (or this morning, if you rather), I am completely lost. For whatever reason, all of my links and text are appearing at the bottom of the page and I have no idea why. If anyone is able to correct this, please please let me know how.

P.S. I realize this is a pretty shotty layout. It was designed in 10 minutes so cut me some slack. Assuming I can figure out how to fix all of the little things bugging me about Blogger, I will be updating the look of the site soon.